Jumaat, 27 Februari 2015


I left 3 Bestari with anger today
I almost shed tears
I know a teacher can't be emotional
tah laaa..
everyday I stress out
most likely sbb budak2 asli in that class
sometime, as a teacher I really want them to understand whatever things that I have taught them
yup! I admit
before this I did not encountered with those weak pupils
even during my practicum, I rarely got last and weak class
but when it comes to reality I have to face these pupils
mostly LINUS stream and they can't even speak in Malay
apatah lagi English
Allah saja taw how many time mengucap and istighfar in class just now
I know their level
I know I can't put high expectation from them
I know
I am aware of that
That was why I keep on..I mean like everyday I stress out on the keywords of the topic
Because I know LINUS pupils need drilling and guidance sooooo sooo badly much
But what happen kalau kau always and everytime remind them about the keywords
and when it comes to FRIDAY (a day of test I shall call it)
they can't even utter the words
berat gila dugaan and jenuh nya nak bersabar
yeah bagi teacher especially aku, I have done and try my best 
hilangb suara jgn cakap la
seriuosly sehabis daya aku buat
tapi tak jadi!
Do you know How frustrated I am right now?
Teaching is never be easy for anyone
especially when you encounter with those pupils who are really2 weak
This is the reality of teaching English
the reality of being a teacher
I didn't blame them
I blame myself right now
for not being able to educate them
and lastly end up being an emotional teacher in the class
sebulan mengajar, ada juga 3 hari aku tinggal kelas budak menenagis
ak tak pukul
aku tak mengamuk
and aku tak hina
ak cuma bersikap tegas so that they know when it comes to my class
they can''t be lazy
can't expect I like to pujuk them everytime they cry
and mostly pelajar asli sgt lah sensitif
when they tak tahu buat
they tak kan tanya
they senyap
when we ask them why keep quiet dgn suara tegas
bukan marah
mula la nak menangis
sensitifnya depa niii dalam hati aku
kalau hari2 mcm ni ak pun nak berenti laaa
maybe belum cukup ilmu di dada
just as a new teacher, ak still cannot adapt dgn situation mcm ni
I didn't enjoy my teaching in this school
like previously

last but not least
I know I need and have to do something
I will try to figure this out
doakan saya kuat nak hadapi all these challenges

Khamis, 26 Februari 2015

My Wedding Reception (tips and guidance)

 last time I promised you guys about my wedding reception which was held on 25th December 2014..
I tell you
it went real well!
I prepared for the reception almost 1 month before..
so Im gonna share tips and some advices to the lovely birds out there who want a dream wedding but at the same time wanna cut the cost..

fyi, I got marrried on June 6th 2014
The main reason, of course, I wanna get married to my lovely husband now..
to be frank, my dad didn't approve my intention at first
so, being a Muslim which believe in Allah's plan and power,
I keep on motivating myself to just sit back and relax and asking some guidance (petunjuk) from HIM
I prayed if the path that i'm taking brings me closer to HIMthen I pleaded HIM to make a way so it will go smoothly according to my plan..
If not, I asked HIM to give me strength and patience towrds whatever decision that my daddy had made
so, to make it short
everything went smoothly
starting with the suprised blessing from both parents had shown me and Arief to proceed with our intention
Seriously, janji Allah tu pasti
if we plan toget married to avoid any benda yang haram dan maksiat sebagainya
Allah mesti akan tolong
tazkirah sikit lah kan
nanti lain entri kita cerita lagi pasal ni..

so, let's get started with the THREE COUPLES OF THE DAY
I got married on June
Along was on October
while Angah was on Early November
Different time at same place
Actually, when we 9adik beradik) first talked about wedding stuufs ni my parents yng nak buat sekali
I was 23 last year
Along in her 26
and Angah was 25
the different in age is not too far
for those yang tahu the cost needed for a wedding recption tahu lah how much money to spend for
so,buat sekali senanglah
and I strongly suggest to those yg got low budget
kawin beramai-ramai
because of what?
Can you imagine the cost for a DAIS was being shared by three person
For example : you wanted so bad a big pelamin with beautiful deco of your taste
it cost you aroung RM 1000 (example)
everyone need to spend only rm 350 more or less for DAIS
mmg cut cost habis laaaa..
mujur taste adik beradik lebih kurang
so senang nak decide on deco deco

I dreamt  of having more than 5 bridesmaids on my wedding day
and all of em must wearthe same colour outfit and it has to be pastel colour from top to toe
for me PASTEL COLOUR suits anyone and it looks perfect in pictures..
So, here goes my selection of peach pastel colour combined with green mint pastel colour which might be 'peliks' for some people but ekteli 
'okayyyyyyy jeee'

Yeah I know what's in your mind
Ypu would consider every penny to spend for others
What I suggest to you is buy in a bulk
I bought more than 30 pasang for relatives, Along's, Angah's and mine's
Definitely you can save more!!


Nah close up!
This one inspired from Majalah Pengantin December Edision
I got the bottles from @kawan_butik_kafe dia jual murah2 aja kat kitaaaa
I cleaned em
Jemur for awhile
Got the border lace from kedai pengantin
Lekat dkt glue gun tempek 6 bijik manik
Tu nama dia bunga lalang
Ceq kutip tepi2 jalan tepi2 bendang
Bunga hat kecik2 pun adaaaa selit tepi2 dia..
Ceq guna benda hat ada depan mata jaaaa..
Lalang ni xperlu aiq pun dia mmg spesis kering
Ni duk ada dalam sebulan dah simpan ni cantik elok jaaaa
Vintage contemporary style
Semoga bermanfaat!


this is 100% hand made from my daddy
yelah I know I've been telling friends dekat Facebook about how amazed I was with my dad's artwork
Every single thing in the picture was made by my dad including the stack street lamp, the background, the wooden heart shape, wiring of the hanging lamp (lampu raya sebenaqnya tuu)..
It was a bit pricey but it worth every penny!
Because the owner of our DAIS on that day proposed the set with quite high price
but yeah my dad didn't want to sell it
but he planned to make it as sewa
so boleh la sapa yang berminat nak rent this background because until now the background is still under our car's porch
leave your comments below okay?


Seriously, i am really in love with @nurulnabihanmakeup 's touch
Last time, during my solemnization day, I hired her too
Cer tgk tone muka and tgn kita
Sama kan?
That's what a bride shud consider the most
Tak lari tone which means sgt natural look
She offers good price with very long lasting makeup
Okay..xpyh ckp banyak la
Mak and suami sendiri pun suka
Pi tgk ig dia for before and after makeup on my face
Hand bouquet 100% DIY
I bought 5 tangkai of fresh bunga kekwa less than RM 10 dekat kedai Uncle India
Cantum2 kerat2 gunting2 oleh Qojah and @miradibaziz
Lilit pakai border lace
Lepas tu dah habis majlis buh dalam botoi tahan la seminggu..
Dah tanya florist, bunga tgn untuk fresh flowers RM 120
Buat sendiri???
Fikir sendiri kenapa perlu bayar lebih?

Nah close up!
Yg ni inspired dari Majalah Pengantin Edisi December

I got bottles from @kawan_butik_kafe dia jual murah2 aja kat kitaaaa

Balik cuci2

Beli border lace dekat kedai pengantin

Lekat dkt glue gun tempek 6 bijik manik



Tu nama dia bunga lalang
Ceq kutip tepi2 jalan tepi2 bendang
Bunga hat kecik2 pun adaaaa selit tepi2 dia..
Ceq guna benda hat ada depan mata jaaaa..
Lalang ni xperlu aiq pun dia mmg spesis kering
Ni duk ada dalam sebulan dah simpan ni cantik elok jaaaa
Vintage contemporary style
Semoga bermanfaat!