Selasa, 25 Ogos 2015

Noob Deliver Experiences

This post is for those yg nak tambah pengetahuan pengalaman bahan bacaan and etc
Banyak term digunakan mcm 'tak patut' but enjoy the reading ok?
Tak semua org ada pengalaman yg sama
This post also for all the mommies to be outside there whom I know most of us lack of info and experience like me
Iols faham everything is first time
Harap2 post ini membantu

Me and husband kind of blessed to receive the amanah from Allah on August,1st 2015 at 11.43am
The gift from Allah for both of us
And hopefully we can guide our little caliph to be an obedient servant to Allah S.W.T
Yes along the journey to become a true mother I've gone thru lots of things
Especially during the labour time
Be noted that I would glad to share this experience to all mommies out there who are now enjoying their first pregnancy
Here the journey to become ibu of DQ

July 26th, 2015
I got up from bed early in the morning and noticed small tompok of air coming thru vagina and I was nervous as no one at home
Arief was still at Pahang
While mom and dad were at school at that time
So i was just kinda relax and whatsapp the nurse that took care of me along the pregnancy
Please noted I am noob and know nothing
So after chit chating she suggested me to go to the hospital. she afraid that I might exerience water leaking and may affect baby in the womb
Called mom and she went back home chit chat tidoq dulu seround dua lepas asar baru keluar rumah
Mom said jom pi mkn dulu and beli beras..beras dh habis
Perghhhh relax sgt..
So around 7pm baru smpai hospital
Noted again : xdak rasa sakit sikit pun masa tu
Gave the red book and lay down on bed for CTG
CTG ni they used to see baby's heartbeat chart
From there,they can conclude whether the baby is ok or not
So little DQ was ok and here come the 'seluk' part
This 'seluk' is a bit harsh word i wud say
It is known as VE (vaginal exam)
Purpose? Doc nk cek ko punye bukaan dah berapa cm
 ok let me tell you
but bearable lagi kata org
Mcm noob like me sgt lah scaryyyy hoiii!
So doc said vaginal opening 1cm
You boleh balik and don't bother about the leaking
Unless tumpah darah and more water leaking then only you come
Mom called my hubby
Ask him to take leave sbb the signs of delivery dh ada
So here come my herooooo yahoooooo ada lakiiiiii kat sebelah

July 28th, 2015
I was sleeping soundly when hubby woke up to peepee
Eh perlu ke mentioned?
Introduction kena ada okayyyyy
I woke up mamai2 but masa tu i felt nothing yet
Until at a time woke up at 5am noticed that something basah2 kat tilam
Like the speed of the flashlight
Tepuk sama itu laki kat sebelah and yelled
Bebi bangunnn aiq ketuban dah pecah bukakkk lampu bukakkkk kaihhhhh....
Husband be like lompat and panic like clown
So there goes small spot of blood and lendiaq
Mind my word sbb nak bagi hampa paham ja
Jgn dok geli geleman naaaa..
Bebi pi gerak mak sat syg nak pi siap2
Noob lagi sekali kat situ sebab panik gelabah segala mak nenek
Still no pain
Husband drove to hospital at 5.15am 
Masa tu bawak habis semua brg2 baby brg2 iols
Takut kena warded
Luckily i've prepared everything for emergency
Okay yg ni kena take note naaa..
Just prepare! Lantak la org kata beriya nak beranak pun
Kita hat kalut bukan depa
Smpai sepital what do you expected?
CTG and seluk part
Mcm nk sepak doc tu sbb seluk ganaih2
Then she was not satisfied with her own performance called her friend then seluk me again
Agak2 laaaaaaa
Manusiaaaa wehhhh bukan patung
Painful isit?
Oh yeahhhh double seluk what do ya expected?
Doc kasik balik as I didn't feel any pain
But she requested to come at 12noon for scan
In short,at 12 mai balik
CTG, seluk2 and scan
Mmg kena redhaaaaaa okay?
Bukaan 1cm means no progression
The head of doc I guess, asked me to go home and rest
Only come back if I have major water leaking or start to feel the contractions
Went back home baru teringat my MIL suruh minum air selusuh yg laki aku buat
Konon nya minum sikit2 laa sbb suami ja yg buat konon nya tak berapa mujarab laaa
Sekali nahh haaa..
Tumpah darah
Stok2 ustad ka apa laki aku ni?
Hahah aminn aminnn..
Aku dah google psl contractions and I still can't get the real picture of the pain
Some people said sakit mcm senggugut but 20times punya senggugut
Iols ni jenis xpenah kena senggugut uols
Alhamdulillah sepnjang hidup xpernah rasa
So mcm mana nk jangka rasa sakit tu mcm mana?
So I just prepared physically and mentally

July 29th, 2015
Sempat lagi memenuhi nafsu
I tell you
Makan la selagi boleh makan
Huaaaa!!!aku ngidam tehais skrg ni woiii 
Confinement period be like 'stresssssssss'
Langsung tak rasa sakit apa except risauuuuuuuu..
Baby activley move in the womb pn risau
Baby passively move pun risau
May mom said dah tak lama tu
Be ready!

July 30th, 2015
Like usual
Dating with husband makan and makan
Merajuk with him sbb mcm mau xmau ja bawak pi berjalan
Actually i was stressed out 
Worried bout the baby
Why dah tumpah darah but still no progression?
That evening, baby active sgt sgt sgt sgt sgt
Rasa mcm she was struggled inside
But to sooth my heart malam tu went out and having KFC
I had a thought 
Baby lapaq kot sebab lepas makan terus senyap sunyi sepi
I told my mum
She insisted me to go for baby's scan
Went to PMC at 12midnight ok  and tak boleh scan sbb tak plan nak bersalin dekat situ
If nak jugak I habe to be warded first and called the oncall doc
Then only boleh scan
Tak payah lah!
Mak dah bising2 suruh pi GH
Ak takmau kena seluk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dek kerana nasihat mak ak gagahkan jua and sbb baby sama
I gave my red card and the nurse asked pasaipa awak mai ni?
I said "baby gerak aktif sgt sgt sgt sgt ptg tadi tapi mai malam sunyi sepi"
Nurse nurse kat situ gelak kat aku
Baguih la dia gerak banyak
Tak pernah lagi saya jumpa pt mai sebab baby dia aktif bergerak
Tersentap kat situ! Rasa nk salahkan mak sebab paksa mai jugak2 hahaha
Mummy kata xpa at least kita taw baby tak terbelit tali pusat ka apa boleh tidoq lenaaaaa
Mcm biasa
CTG and seluk
Normal and balik!
Kali ni seluk doc tu kasik deep punya
Mgkin sbb nak bagi jalan terbuka
Tak taw lah aku!
Tidoq tak cukup sbb smpai umah dlm pkul 3am sebab sampai2 ja teriak kat Arief sebab stress
Yup!masa tu seriously rasa down sgt2 
Tambah takut nervous and worry about the baby
I cried sbb letih and tak larat and sakit hati and nak mrh doktor seluk sakit!!!!!

July 31st, 2015
That morning I started to feel uneasy
Tak sakit but tak selesa
I told my mum as it's getting frequent
Makin lama makin sakit
My mom suruh pi hospital
Redhaa kena seluk tgk2 bukaan 2cm 
Doc suruh stay ward tapi iols taknak
Its better if the time like this I stayed with husband and mom
Balik again and I told my mum we only go to hospital if I didn't tahan the pain anymore
Baru pi!!!! Dgn tegas dan teranggggggggg
Ptg tu mummy ajak pi jumpa bidan kampung
Nak suruh buat minyak selusuh and 'betulkan perut'
Iols ikot jela sebab petua org tua2 kan
Jumpa makcik syam nama dia
Dia suruh baring dia pegang perut and kata "kepala baby dah elok kat bawah dah ni..tak lama dah ni......"
Gulp! Ketaq tang tang tu jugak
Masa tu mmg dah rasa contractions and started to record how frequent it is
So iols download contractions tracker dkt applestore 
Makcik syam suruh Arief pi kait buat kelapa muda
She asked my name and baca baca ayat Quran serba sikit and suruh minum
She then said "lepaih Isya' satgi dia tak senang duk dah ni takpa moga semua selamat"
Malam tu lepas maghrib
First time rasa contraction yakni rasa sengggugut yg iols xpernah rasa tuuuuu
Sakit bakhang tapi boleh gelak lagi
Dia mai sat sat jaaa
Dia sakit dia hilang satgi mai pulak
Haa lagu tulaaaaa rentak dia
Malam tu jugak kena warded at 10pm but vaginal opening still 2cm
Warded! Bcoz the contractions are there

August 1st, 2015
That night at ward
I cried tahan sakit like hell
Mind my words but it was really pain
I can't sleep and whatsapp my husband and mummy
Told them I was in extreme and deep pain
Asking them to make dua for me
Solat hajat for me
And gave me support
I tried to lay down on left side
Kata org blh krgkan sakit contractions but it didn't help me though 
Masa tu husband and mom mmg xblh tlg dah
Its between us and Allah S.W.T. only
The nurse in charge asked me if i wanna get pain killer?
Konon bajet nak rasa the natural pain of contraction so I refused
With e great pain I grabbed pakaian tutup aurat mana patot and started solat taubat solat hajat
Asking Allah to give me strength 
I cried like babies 
Org katil sebelah dah terjaga dari tidur
2am I told nurse to check the vaginal opening
Kalau still 2cm jugak Iols nak jugak jugak pain killer sbb dah tak tahan sgt
Meluat tgk org lain tidoq lena while i was struggling to breath 
This time rela hati pi suruh nurse seluk sbb tak tahan sakit
Sakit tak boleh describe
Sampai ckp kat husband rasa mcm nak mati
The VO was 4cm and the nurse asked me to get ready 
Depa nk tolak pi labour room
Excited sgt dah tu sbb dlm hati yayyyy boleh bersalin dahhhhhhhhh
Tak sakit dah lepas ni
Noob lagik!
Tak sempat inform husband and mom
Tak boleh bwk phone
Hatta cermin mata sekalipun
Ak ckp kat nurse mcm cmna saya nk tgk kalau xbwk cermin mata
Lagi noob dari aku!
2.10am kena tolak pi labour room
You will feel nothing as the pain is overwhelming you
Enough talking about pain lah kan sbb mmg tak boleh describe sakit dia
That labour room sgt selesa
I mean dia terpisah takdak la adegan bersalin ramai2
But you can hear clearly org lain tgh teran nak bersalin which was scary but tak kisah sgt sbb tgh sakit oiiiii
Contractions became more frequent 
That time the staff nurse that incharged over me is a Chinese lady
She was very supportive tak mcm certain staffs dok perli2  suruh bersabar la apa la
Yes i know mmg la bagus suruh bersabar but please be more supportive
Aku takdak sapa kot masa tu
Asyik merintih bagitahu dia sakit sgt sakit sgt nurse sakit sgt
Lepas tu dia cakap ya saya tahu
Saya bagi awk ubat tahan sakit yaa awk kena kuat nak jadik ibu ni org lain pun sakit mcm awk jugak awk tarik nafas hembus tarik hembus
Sgt lah lembut and membantu ok!
The nurse injected pain killer and masa cucuk tu sempat jerit sebab rasa dia menyeritttttttt 
 mmg masa tu hanya Allah tempat bergantung
 siap pesan lagi sakit sikit ja Puan naa sabaq banyak2 baca la doa apa yg patut
Then rasa mengntuk sgt sgt effect pain killer tu maybe
Around 4.30am I heard a familiar voice
Dalam lali lalok tu I saw Arief
Dalam hati aikkk mcm mana dia taw aku ada dekat labour room sbb mmg xdan pun nk inform anyone 
He came and kissed me 
i told him takmau beranak dah bie sakitttttttttt
Takmau dahhh sumpah takmauuuuuuuu sambil teriak
Can you imagine muka cuak Arief masa tu?kahkahkah...
So he was there giving me support
Dia berzikir bermunajat berselawat baca Yassin for me and tukang bagi gas penyedut (ubat pelali  tahan sakit versi gas)
When the pain struck he will automatically sumbat penyedut tu
He ajar me to mengucap baca doa bersalin berzikir and continously said ingat Allah syg ingat Allah
Sampai ada satu masa rasa annoying and mcm nak ckp ja hang apa taw sakit taw dakkkkkk!!!
Tapi tak cakap laaaaa tak baik wooooo
Wait wait wait and wait
Mcm2 procedures sementara tunggu bukaan 10cm 
You will feel depa buat hang mcm patung
You just lay down and kenot do anything haa giteww 
The clock tick tok tick tok lambat sgt rasanya
At 10.30am doc came and check VO and finally 9cm
Sadly still cannot push..have to wait until 10 cm
Kecewa nya rasa masa tu
I cried again and pleaded the doc
Bapa lama lagi doc?sya betul2 tak larat ni...........pleaseee
Another 1 hour sya mai cek naaa sbb mg kena tunggu sampai 10cm
Sempat mengeluh kuat ALLAHHHHHHHHHH...
Tak sampai sejam nurse came and told husband saya rasa dah sampai  masa ni sat nak panggil doctor
Doc came and seluk and yes finally 10cm
I looked at the wall 11.20am
The doc asked me to push when contraction came
First teran tak betul
Try again
Second teran short breath
Third teran tak angkat kepala la pulak
Tak jadi okay xangkat kepalaaaaa tuu
So I remember back apa yg pernah baca
Tarik nafas angkat kepala teran mcm nak teran ukukuk tuu
Okay it worked but have to teran more tak cukup kuat
Arief that time push syg lagi syg syg boleh syg kuat bie dah nampak kepala anak kite syg go syg syg boleh syg bie kuat
Hahahaaa lawak but very effective
Habis semua org bagi semangat
Sikit lagi sikit lagi sikit lagi
Tepat 11.43am 1 st August 2015 lahirlah baby DQ
alhamdulillah that was first word from me
Arief kissed my forehead and say time kasih syg bie
You are very strong!
Tq lahirkan anak bie anak kite blablabla
So he was asked to leave the room
Nak taw something? Bertuah tak bertuah anak aku
Dia keluaq2 tu dia tak teriak
Dia lenaaaaaa!
Hahaha..maybe sebab ubat tahan sakit tu buat dia sama naik ngntuk dengan aku
So bcoz baby DQ din cry out loud they straight away bawak her cuci cuci sedut sedut baru la dengaq dia teriak
That means no mother daughter bonding time right after delivery which had made me very frustrated
From inside I heard Arief azan and iqamatkan baby DQ
I feel terharu touch sedih ketaq semua ada
So sesi jahit menjahit episiotomy 
Please google to know more okay?
Yesssss...painful even they used ubat bius tuuu
I cried again sambil cakap dah laaa dah laa apa lagi nii sudah laa nurse
Staff nurse tu buat bodo ja sambil jahit
Hahahah lawak!
I asked the staff nurse
Saya nk tgk baby saya boleh dak?
Laaa depa tak tunjuk kat hang lagi ka??kesian kat hang sat kak pi ambik
I was not allowed to touch her bcoz i had fever during delivery
They need to send her to NICU to check whether my fever tu affected her or not
Its okay la kenot pegang pun
Dah tgk muka pn jadik lah
First time tgk anak I felt so touch
I even said to the nurse anak saya nii comeinya diaaaa
Tak sampai 2 mins nurse tu bwk keluaq
She came back bawak milo suam 
Yes mmg rasa sgt habis tenaga
As I remember last makan berat akak nasik on 31st july tu waktu tengahri..lepas tu no more
I drank aiq milo tu sekali napaih ja
Lapaq aiq weh!
Then the nurse pushed me to ward 
That time mmg rasa mcm 'bodo' ' bengong' 'taktaw apa apa'
Patot la some people said org beranak ni orat putuih banyak
Dia jadik mcm bengong2 jaaa 
Tgk org mcm xdak perasaan hahah 
Haihhh xtaw nak describe aihhh
Sooo iols kenot went back home sbb iols demam 
They need to supervise me plus baby DQ still in NICU
during visiting hour at 4.30pm I met my mom
I hugged and cried telling her I love her and sempat lagi cakap takmau dah mak sakittt takmau
Masa tu rasa fobiaaa sgt sgt sgt
Arief pun beraiq mata watching the drama dlm ward tu

So that was my experience
After all what can I say it was the best yet scary experience ever
I salute those lelaki yg sanggup teman their wives from the very beginning until the very end
From there, they know how to appreciate us as a woman
Arief sampai harini still say thanks sbb sanggup lahirkan anak die
Hahaha fobia tgk bini dia teran sampai muka biruuuuu katanya
For mommies to be
It is not fair klo iols bagi nasihat jgn takut jgn gentar
Tapi tapi enjoy jela the moment
Beranak mmg sakit
There's no one lagi yg cakap beranak tak sakit betoi dak? 
Follow the flow
Once the baby is out semua sakit hilang
Next time iols will story psl confinement days plak which is beryyyyyyy challenging 

All the best!!!

Jumaat, 27 Februari 2015


I left 3 Bestari with anger today
I almost shed tears
I know a teacher can't be emotional
tah laaa..
everyday I stress out
most likely sbb budak2 asli in that class
sometime, as a teacher I really want them to understand whatever things that I have taught them
yup! I admit
before this I did not encountered with those weak pupils
even during my practicum, I rarely got last and weak class
but when it comes to reality I have to face these pupils
mostly LINUS stream and they can't even speak in Malay
apatah lagi English
Allah saja taw how many time mengucap and istighfar in class just now
I know their level
I know I can't put high expectation from them
I know
I am aware of that
That was why I keep on..I mean like everyday I stress out on the keywords of the topic
Because I know LINUS pupils need drilling and guidance sooooo sooo badly much
But what happen kalau kau always and everytime remind them about the keywords
and when it comes to FRIDAY (a day of test I shall call it)
they can't even utter the words
berat gila dugaan and jenuh nya nak bersabar
yeah bagi teacher especially aku, I have done and try my best 
hilangb suara jgn cakap la
seriuosly sehabis daya aku buat
tapi tak jadi!
Do you know How frustrated I am right now?
Teaching is never be easy for anyone
especially when you encounter with those pupils who are really2 weak
This is the reality of teaching English
the reality of being a teacher
I didn't blame them
I blame myself right now
for not being able to educate them
and lastly end up being an emotional teacher in the class
sebulan mengajar, ada juga 3 hari aku tinggal kelas budak menenagis
ak tak pukul
aku tak mengamuk
and aku tak hina
ak cuma bersikap tegas so that they know when it comes to my class
they can''t be lazy
can't expect I like to pujuk them everytime they cry
and mostly pelajar asli sgt lah sensitif
when they tak tahu buat
they tak kan tanya
they senyap
when we ask them why keep quiet dgn suara tegas
bukan marah
mula la nak menangis
sensitifnya depa niii dalam hati aku
kalau hari2 mcm ni ak pun nak berenti laaa
maybe belum cukup ilmu di dada
just as a new teacher, ak still cannot adapt dgn situation mcm ni
I didn't enjoy my teaching in this school
like previously

last but not least
I know I need and have to do something
I will try to figure this out
doakan saya kuat nak hadapi all these challenges

Khamis, 26 Februari 2015

My Wedding Reception (tips and guidance)

 last time I promised you guys about my wedding reception which was held on 25th December 2014..
I tell you
it went real well!
I prepared for the reception almost 1 month before..
so Im gonna share tips and some advices to the lovely birds out there who want a dream wedding but at the same time wanna cut the cost..

fyi, I got marrried on June 6th 2014
The main reason, of course, I wanna get married to my lovely husband now..
to be frank, my dad didn't approve my intention at first
so, being a Muslim which believe in Allah's plan and power,
I keep on motivating myself to just sit back and relax and asking some guidance (petunjuk) from HIM
I prayed if the path that i'm taking brings me closer to HIMthen I pleaded HIM to make a way so it will go smoothly according to my plan..
If not, I asked HIM to give me strength and patience towrds whatever decision that my daddy had made
so, to make it short
everything went smoothly
starting with the suprised blessing from both parents had shown me and Arief to proceed with our intention
Seriously, janji Allah tu pasti
if we plan toget married to avoid any benda yang haram dan maksiat sebagainya
Allah mesti akan tolong
tazkirah sikit lah kan
nanti lain entri kita cerita lagi pasal ni..

so, let's get started with the THREE COUPLES OF THE DAY
I got married on June
Along was on October
while Angah was on Early November
Different time at same place
Actually, when we 9adik beradik) first talked about wedding stuufs ni my parents yng nak buat sekali
I was 23 last year
Along in her 26
and Angah was 25
the different in age is not too far
for those yang tahu the cost needed for a wedding recption tahu lah how much money to spend for
so,buat sekali senanglah
and I strongly suggest to those yg got low budget
kawin beramai-ramai
because of what?
Can you imagine the cost for a DAIS was being shared by three person
For example : you wanted so bad a big pelamin with beautiful deco of your taste
it cost you aroung RM 1000 (example)
everyone need to spend only rm 350 more or less for DAIS
mmg cut cost habis laaaa..
mujur taste adik beradik lebih kurang
so senang nak decide on deco deco

I dreamt  of having more than 5 bridesmaids on my wedding day
and all of em must wearthe same colour outfit and it has to be pastel colour from top to toe
for me PASTEL COLOUR suits anyone and it looks perfect in pictures..
So, here goes my selection of peach pastel colour combined with green mint pastel colour which might be 'peliks' for some people but ekteli 
'okayyyyyyy jeee'

Yeah I know what's in your mind
Ypu would consider every penny to spend for others
What I suggest to you is buy in a bulk
I bought more than 30 pasang for relatives, Along's, Angah's and mine's
Definitely you can save more!!


Nah close up!
This one inspired from Majalah Pengantin December Edision
I got the bottles from @kawan_butik_kafe dia jual murah2 aja kat kitaaaa
I cleaned em
Jemur for awhile
Got the border lace from kedai pengantin
Lekat dkt glue gun tempek 6 bijik manik
Tu nama dia bunga lalang
Ceq kutip tepi2 jalan tepi2 bendang
Bunga hat kecik2 pun adaaaa selit tepi2 dia..
Ceq guna benda hat ada depan mata jaaaa..
Lalang ni xperlu aiq pun dia mmg spesis kering
Ni duk ada dalam sebulan dah simpan ni cantik elok jaaaa
Vintage contemporary style
Semoga bermanfaat!


this is 100% hand made from my daddy
yelah I know I've been telling friends dekat Facebook about how amazed I was with my dad's artwork
Every single thing in the picture was made by my dad including the stack street lamp, the background, the wooden heart shape, wiring of the hanging lamp (lampu raya sebenaqnya tuu)..
It was a bit pricey but it worth every penny!
Because the owner of our DAIS on that day proposed the set with quite high price
but yeah my dad didn't want to sell it
but he planned to make it as sewa
so boleh la sapa yang berminat nak rent this background because until now the background is still under our car's porch
leave your comments below okay?


Seriously, i am really in love with @nurulnabihanmakeup 's touch
Last time, during my solemnization day, I hired her too
Cer tgk tone muka and tgn kita
Sama kan?
That's what a bride shud consider the most
Tak lari tone which means sgt natural look
She offers good price with very long lasting makeup
Okay..xpyh ckp banyak la
Mak and suami sendiri pun suka
Pi tgk ig dia for before and after makeup on my face
Hand bouquet 100% DIY
I bought 5 tangkai of fresh bunga kekwa less than RM 10 dekat kedai Uncle India
Cantum2 kerat2 gunting2 oleh Qojah and @miradibaziz
Lilit pakai border lace
Lepas tu dah habis majlis buh dalam botoi tahan la seminggu..
Dah tanya florist, bunga tgn untuk fresh flowers RM 120
Buat sendiri???
Fikir sendiri kenapa perlu bayar lebih?

Nah close up!
Yg ni inspired dari Majalah Pengantin Edisi December

I got bottles from @kawan_butik_kafe dia jual murah2 aja kat kitaaaa

Balik cuci2

Beli border lace dekat kedai pengantin

Lekat dkt glue gun tempek 6 bijik manik



Tu nama dia bunga lalang
Ceq kutip tepi2 jalan tepi2 bendang
Bunga hat kecik2 pun adaaaa selit tepi2 dia..
Ceq guna benda hat ada depan mata jaaaa..
Lalang ni xperlu aiq pun dia mmg spesis kering
Ni duk ada dalam sebulan dah simpan ni cantik elok jaaaa
Vintage contemporary style
Semoga bermanfaat!