Isnin, 20 Mei 2013

I own ArieFatin Shop ^^

hye semua..
tomorrow, i will be seating for final exam of semester 5
time has brought me
I did not realize i'm at the end os semster 5
time flies fast
so, the purpose of this entry just nak share dgn u ollll on my

ArieFatin Shop
seriusly, online shop ni dh 2 years dah
but I really don't have time to write about it..
so this time mmg bertekad..
at least I do something to pursue my dream..
insyaAllah kayuh pelan-pelah..
tak gitu??

gabungan nama Arief + Fatin tu xpernah dirancang..
Iit came naturally..
the moment nk start buat online shop
I struggled so much to named it
lps tu Arief sendiri yang suggest that name
why not kita try kan?
adter 3 months nk tukar tapy cannot sebab likers dah exceed 300 above..
kena stay dgn nama tu jgk..
its not the matter of name
somehow, Im proud of it

so, we sell varietyyyyy...
I repeat..
types of shawls, bawals, accessories..
but not till "you name it"
xdak lah kan
this is just part time
and I love doing this part time job
well, I do like business
and Im thinking to take master in bussiness
well, if Allah wills..
so, scroll down peeps!

we have moreeeeeeeee!!!
but I really don't have time
till we meet later
forgot a thing

visit us at
Facebook : ArieFatin Shop
Watsapp : 011- 26341550

psttttttt : wish me luck for tomorrow's exam!

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