Khamis, 27 Disember 2012

Vacation to Melaka (Part 1)

 Assalammualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah..cuti pun dah nak habis..
last entry, I told ya about sharing my great vacation in Melaka with family kan?
so, done talking and please focus on the photos below..
as they are good storyteller than me!

with my super beautiful mom!

tak sah kalau pi Melaka tak snap dekat sini..kan? kan?

incomplete family..3 persons missing~

up the hill~

unpaid kodel..keke

ok..yg ni dekat kubu amenda tah..

tak taw nama kbu..bcoz we are here ONLY to snap pictures..=)

oh!mum & dad pun suke snap2~

motip?just wanna show the old model of fireman transport back there~

this cage is soo poor!semua org kasik duit!grrr~

fridge magnets!oh i oll tahu u oll suke~

ST. Paul Hill..abaikan my fat belly~

old model of KTM's train..

ohh! I know I know..
terbanyak plak pic I posing2..
sorry bcoz those pics are totally from my phone..
bole x malas nye anak daro ni nak ngambik dekat Dad's cam?? 

psssssttt : nantikan PART 2 okay? hihi~

Selasa, 11 Disember 2012


belum apa apa dah ada gambar secoit kat atas tu!
so this entry is all about skincare product review
tgk dekat banner tu ada Clean & Clear pnye product ja kn..
you got me right!
I am the current and always the user of this skincare product..

PAST FEW YEARS ( Form 5 and Below)

Ya Allah dulu kalau ampa tgk muka kami..
mmg huduh!
I mean penuh bintik2 hitam!
Muka Berminyak!
Plus, dulu mmg kami tak suka pakai bedak!
Muka kami bare face punya!
Setepek apa pon tak dak kat muka!
Worst to worst!
Kami tak pakai pencuci muka apa pun!
Sebab kami ada pendirian!
( Asal semua nk letak TANDA SERU dekat belakang tuh? )

pendirian kami ilah kami tak akan pakai pencuci muka sebab dia ada 
takot katanya!
noob gila kami masa tuh kan..
tak kesah la..
sebab era tu..
kami macam tadak outside life sgt..
kluaq pun dengan family saja..
besa lah kan..
so buat apa nak kesah pasai muka
oih! bnayak pula mereben..

NOW ( After PLKN and Above)

so I started to use Clean & Clear Daily Soft Cleanser..
the one with green colour tu..

that time I attended a National Service in Baling..
mai gaddd!
my face that time sooooo terrible..
non-stop oily as it was being exposed to too much sun ray..
so it reacted well with my skin as it manged to control the amount of oil excreted by my skin..
from that time, I was the regular user to this product!

When a new product call Clear Fairness Cleanser was launched, I terjatuh cinta pulak dengan this Clear Fairness range ni becoz it focuses on the skin's whitening and fairness ( nak bagi puith mulus giteww )

rasa best pakai this range of new product..
I decided to changed again as my oily skin still didn't resist
I changed to TARRRAAA!

Deep Action Cleanser

for this one, they made especially for those who are having oily skin problem..
so, they actually targetted on my skin, RIGHT?
thank you because I ( my skin actually) managed to control the amount of oil all over my face!

This picture was taken right after I woke up early in the morning!
100 % pure..not edited
LOOK! memang tak oily~


For this one..
after one day vacatioan at Langkawi, muka kami still fresh..
I admit lah ada oily sikit2 sebab habuk la apa la kan..
tapi still mmg puas hati..
this is around 6 pm macam tu..
waiting for ferry to fetched us~

psssstt : siapa yg pernah pakai this product tapi makin teruk, maybe they are not fit well to your skin type