Rabu, 19 Januari 2011


sapa tamau jadi CIKGU???angkat kaki...ok..im da first one if u want me 2 answer my own ques!..ouhh..kenapa ya sya tanak jadi cikgu..

GAJI dapat bulan-bulan..
KERJA mmg confirm dah..

so, mmg tu ja yg diperlukan untuk teruskan kehidupan..
opps..klo bab pasangan tu..im not available..haahahah..

ya..ak baru balik kelas..arini 4 jam je..its not a long time though i feel i spent almost 40 hours in da class..
urghh...nak tiak ouuuuu~
pasaipa??dun ever ask me...i've answer ur question...

i never put TEACHER as one of my ambitions..
it's not that i hate to teach small, young, hyper2 active kids..
the thing is..BAHASA INGGERIS...ouhh im freakin bad at english people!!!!!!!!!!!
i don't have any confident in me to speak out loud in front of people!
i don't know how to express my opinions..
i don't have chance to speak..
and ouhh..what so ever~


that are just excuses right????
day by day..i learn to cope with "that subject"..
tryin to speak and persuade myself that i can do better today..
all positive thinking..
and i managed to persuade myself that yaa..im good at english actually~(perasan a bit)

when it comes to failure to explain or to do something..
i kept blaming myself that i didn't work hard on that particular task..
im not ready!!!

you know how TESL's students study..
LITERATURE is killing me!everytime..everywhere..
the term!the underlaying meaning!the literary criticism!POEMS..!!
CRITICAL THINKING(ya..im really!freakin! weak and bad at this part)
YOU people may say...
la..kacang je tuhhhh...tulis je..kne bnyak bce..
im a LOSER =[

people...how now????
should i be teacher???(silly question!!!!)
no matter what..experiences must be gain..
when ever i feel down..
OUR ALMIGHTY is always be there for me..
i try very hard..very smart..to learn all this English stuff..
bcoz i didn't train myself since i was small..

is it something to do with my brain???
CACAT maybe...
ouhh tidak...
otak sya bukan kepada bahasa..
but more in scientific..
only my best friend knows how BIOLOGY used to be a part of my life...

back to the reality...
say NO to Biology...

say YES to English...