Isnin, 27 Disember 2010

..far away..


i know when im writing this it will look like im a bit childish..
i just don't care..i want to express my worriness when im thinking that we are going to tear apart by distance soon..
how can i live here without you???ouh..nobody understand..and when i try to explain to also don't try to understand..
yes!you are not only my boy..yet you are my bestfren that know and understand every single thing about me..
people will taunt me.."she got no bf anymore".."she's alone now..pity her"..and can face that soon..and when my friends went back to their home on alone..and you were the one who accompanied me to wherever i wanted to go..
i have no idea what is going to be to our relationship when we are totally different from other gurl outside there i bet..i can't understand you..i can't make you forget me..n i aweys disturb you even when you are sleeping..and sure do when im destiny with other guy they'll leave me bcoz they bored with my behaviour..but not you..n i sure that..i convince myself that you are different..
i know im bad but that is know me ryte dear..
people said to me...our love will not remain as we are still young and we have to face lots of challenges in our relationship..
people said to me to focus in my studies despite troubling myself in puppy love stories..
......TAK NAKKKKKK.....
i have learn to be with you..
i have learn to make you stand by my side..
but you are not physically with me in 2 years time..
and you know that..why i feel like this??
just you totally posessed by your love..
that no one had gave it to me before..
you really understand really..
and now..


ilysm CHENTA..

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