Selasa, 5 Januari 2010

RiNdU AkAn DiA~

yea..i can't lie to myself..i still love him..but hrmmmm...its hard 2 say..bdw, im epy now..wif new person..i ekteli dun even now is it he is da one dat ngn make me laugh..o i juz be wif him juz 2 forget 'F' take time..n cannot push each other..same goes 2 me..even im pushing myself 2 4get him..but deep inside my heart he is still there..somewhere in my heart dat want himm..hoping dat he will come back 2 me..begging b4 im beging is sometme it can makes us laugh..dunno wat da point is..i still love him..but there's no way i can do xcept juz tryin very2 hard 2 4get him..can i??OMG (bak kate yuni)..its hard u noe..n its really hurt..but i still have the other guy dat care much bout i dont even afraid to try to 4get him..4 my frens..sorry..i hipes u guys understand wat im cannot push sometime come and sometime go juz like dat..watever proud dat i can make him epy n enjoy his life while im wif really coz i love him sicerely..n it makes me proud 2 be myself dat can gives some space 4 other person 2 love me beside my parents..yeah...lets move is still on the long as your live in dis world (i mean blum mati ag laa..)life must go on..chaiyokkk!!!!!!!!!!

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